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Who would you be...if you rewrote the rules and beliefs you've been living by?

How would you feel...if you let go of the unnecessary stuff you've been carrying?

Where would you go...if you let yourself take one step forward?

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is a Personal Development Coach, story-teller, writer, wife, sister, dog (and cat) mom, wine enthusiast, and outdoor adventurer. As the CEO (Chief Experience Officer) at Stephanie Barnett Coaching, she fully believes in and is committed to learning from every peak and valley in life.

Prior to launching her professional coaching practice, Stephanie spent 10 years as a higher education administrator where she supported hundreds of students navigating the college experience. Stephanie offers coaching services that meet her clients where they are, and gets them to where they want to be. From private coaching, to workshops and other speaking engagements, Stephanie connects her favorite topics in leadership and change to her client's personal and professional goals.

When she is not coaching, you will find Stephanie planning adventures - from travel to new places, climbing mountains, or winter van trips through the southwest, Stephanie feels the most alive when challenging herself with new and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

From the Blog

Here you'll find posts and videos about experiences, thoughts, and strategies to inspire you every step of the way.

"With Stephanie's help I was able to transition from a not-so-great job to a more fulfilling one in another state that better speaks to what I value in life. I’m so glad I took that leap. I couldn’t ask for more in a coach!"

Mid-Career Professional

"Stephanie has an engaging and calm coaching style. I felt listened to, and also challenged in all the ways I needed to be. Honestly, every single session I walked away having learned something powerful about my situation, myself and what I could do next, if I wanted to."

Non-Profit Executive

"Stephanie held me accountable for my goals with the utmost kindness and mentorship, and her guidance kept me motivated to succeed."

Young Professional

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