Lessons Learned on the Trail

  • Stephanie Barnett

Want to Manage Your Money? Manage Your Energy.

Let’s talk about money. It’s something that I’ve thought about A LOT over the past year. How much do I need? How much do I want? How much is too little? How much is too much? Is there such a thing? What am I “worth”? What about when unexpected things come up?

All of those questions, and the thoughts and fears that come with them, at some point, begin to feel like an endless pile of stuff that is burying you into the ground. And it only compounds when you really want to do something - like travel, change careers, buy a house, start a business, etc.

Well, NOW it’s the holiday season - where we feel like all we’re doing is spending. So, I thought I’d bring you into 2020 with a PLAN to keep you on the upside of your finances.

What’s my go-to rule with money? 




Go back to the basics. If not, you will overwhelm yourself to a point of less than healthy behaviors (ex. emotional spending, overeating/drinking, panic attacks, depression, etc.). 

So, in this week’s video blog, I’m featuring my 5 Tips to Managing Your Energy Around Money. As a preview, the tips I’ll be covering are….

1. Visualize

2. Decide

3. Connect

4. Talk

5. Track

Got less than 20 minutes? Watch the video here!